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Registration for Proofreading & Copy Editing


If you need some assistance to make corrections to your English text for academic or professional purposes, then please consult the rate chart below for editing fees. Academic essays or papers, book publishing, website texts, brochures or other smaller text matters are all common examples of material that can be checked for correction and re-written in proper, professional English which can meet the needs and purpose of your printed text.

*this section will be fully updated shortly with the links below enabled…please view the information available and check back later for more updates

Description of Services

Proofreading: corrections to basic grammar (verb tense, suffix/prefix, prepositions), wrong word use (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs), spelling, and punctuation.

Copy Editing: general proofreading plus correction and rewriting of poor sentence structure.

Text Supply: supply of text based on your topic or category of concern.

Type of Work Rate per word up to 500 words Rate per word up to 3,500 words Rate per word up to 5,000 words Rate per page
proofreading 1 rs per word .75 rs per word .5 rs per word 50 rs per page
Copy editing 2 rs per word 1.75 rs per word 1.5 rs per word 150 rs per page
Text Supply 3 rs per word 2.75 rs per word 2.5 rs per word 250 rs per page




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