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Practical English courses are designed to offer English language practice for academic, social, or otherwise interactive work related purposes. There are various course options which may suit your specific needs. Please click on the individual links below to see more information on each course:

*this section will be fully updated shortly with the links below enabled…please view the information available and check back later for more updates

Modular English: these courses feature the most complete structure of various modules of learning with progressive learning.  There are eight modules in total (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation, and Pronunciation) enabling the maximum amount of cross skill training.  (5 courses)

Integrative English: these courses feature a complete integrative approach to learning English by skill level with lessons of grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and conversation all in one book. (3 course options)

English Grammar: these courses feature a more careful study of grammar by specific level. These courses are perfect for those students who would like to secure a more complete understanding of grammar in a particular level before attempting other courses of the same skill level.  (5 courses)

Pronunciation & Accent Training: these courses focus more closely on proper pronunciation and accent reduction with focus on American and British pronunciation and speech. (2 courses)

Vocabulary & Spelling: these courses are specifically for improving one’s vocabulary and spelling of words. (4 courses)

Communication Skills: these courses feature basic communication skills  for routine informal and formal situations.  These courses are ideal for those who would like to improve practical and professional ways of communication. (3 courses)

Interactive Discussions: these courses feature conversation and discussion skills by topic and also combine phrasal and idiomatic expressions for practical usage. (3 courses)




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