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English Course Registration


Course Registration Process

  1. Students should first download and complete this free general grammar test
  2. Students may next complete their course registration and take an additional modular level test to confirm their course selection. (cost 500 rs)
  3. Students may then make their first course payment by paying:
  • Per course week
  • Per course section
  • 33% of the full course fee
  • The full course fee
  1. Students must pay the full course balance before their initial course credit is expired.
  2. Discounts may not be awarded until the second course payment is made. Students that would like to apply for additional discounts or scholarships should complete a discount & scholarship form.

Additional Course Rules

1. Students are may take leave on public holidays or when 2/3 of the class is in agreement 3 days prior to the day of leave from class.

2. Pre-paid Private course students may take leave when required.

3. Discounted courses may take five days leave per month

4. Cancellation of any course days for pre-paid booked classes will carry a one day cancellation penalty fee.

5. Every tenth class day shall be section test review for progress assessment.


Group course designs are divided into three categories which have a different number of course days and a differing course content. Here are the descriptions of these course designs:

Course Design: Special Features:
General Course
(20 days)
  • Course book
  • Unit worksheets
  • Class reviews
Special Course
(25 days)
  • Course book
  • Unit worksheets
  • Homework sheets
  • Class reviews
Premium Course
(35 days)
  • Course book
  • Unit worksheets
  • Homework sheets
  • Class reviews
  • Unit testing & Final Exam

The course materials used for these course levels roughly correspond to curriculum which are appropriate for the following academic standards:

Course levels: Academic Standard
Pre-basic Class 1 to 5
Basic Class 6 to 10
Pre-Intermediate College (+2)
Intermediate Bachelors
Upper-intermediate Masters
Advanced Post-graduate

Here are the group and private course rates for the corresponding group levels:

Course Levels Group Course Rates Private Course Rates
General Course(20 days) Special
Course(25 days)
Premium Course(35 days) Short
Session(60 minutes)
Session(90 minutes)
Monthly Course
  • Pre-basic
  • Basic
  • Pre-Intermediate


 2500 rs  3500 rs  5000 rs  375 rs  500 rs  7,500 rs/
15,000 rs
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Advanced
 3500 rs  4500 rs  6000 rs  500 rs  750 rs  10,000 rs/
15,000 rs


You may book your course of interest or make a general inquiry about courses by using the contact form provided below:


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