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Abroad Study Preparation & Migration


Abroad Study Preparation

Students who seek to study abroad in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other native English speaking countries must complete one of the abroad study preparation tests such as,  IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, or the GMAT.  The test preparation that you need depends on the entry requirements for the university program for which you are applying.

Please consult the university’s website or consult with a reputable counselor to decide which test preparation that would be best for you.  This website will provide you with accurate information about all the testing systems offered for abroad study.  If you are able to secure an acceptable test score, then you may also consider to inquire about migration counseling and producing an SOP or Statement of Purpose for the university or associate program that you are applying to.

*this section will be fully updated shortly with the links below enabled…please view the information available and check back later for more updates




Migration Counseling

SOP Writing


Course Days/Hours Course Rate Course Material
5 2500 rs 1 to 2 sections
10 3500 rs 2 to 3 sections
15 4500 rs 3 to 4 sections
20 5500 rs 4 to 5 sections
25 6500 rs 5 sections plus final exam


Course Days/Hours Course Rate Course Material
25 6500 rs Action Plan
35 8000 rs New Insight
45 9500 rs New Insight & Insight Plus


Course Days/Hours Course Rate Course Material
30 7500 rs Grammar or Vocabulary plus final exam


Test Practice Fees

500 rs for institute members/students

750 rs for non institute members/students


Please click here for information about Course Materials.


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